This is why we can’t have nice things. Just as we were all happy that Henry Cavill is likely to return to the role of Superman and carry the characterisation forward in the direction it was heading in Justice League, along comes some news that will strike fear into the hearts of any fans of the Man Of Steel. Two of Hollywood’s wrecking machines are sniffing around the property.

Despite Star Trek alienating the core fan base while eventually boring its new audience, Star Wars being nosedived into the crapper and the Superman: Flyby script being considered a crime against Krypton, JJ Abrams still continues to fail upwards. He is now set up at Warner Bros. and he still harbours a deep longing for Superman.

“What about my mouth?”

Even worse, the man behind the TV series version of Watchmen wants to play too. Damon Lindelof wants to give a Superman movie his reverse Midas touch.

In an interview with, Lindelof was complimentary about Abrams’ earlier attempt at a Superman script. Superman: Flyby was one of the worst scripts ever written about Kal-El and, in keeping with standard hackery, just reworked many aspects of the Superman mythos in order to let the writer do what he wanted with scant regard to the basic laws of storytelling. That Lindelof rated it is an indication of the levels we are playing at here.

“What hackery shall we hacks hack today?”

“This was all before Chris Nolan came in and basically took over Batman, et cetera, but it all kind of just got lost in the wash.”

Lindelof added that Abrams had:

“…a long-term obsession with Superman. I guess what I would say is I would love to see a JJ Superman movie, but I don’t have a take on the character that would be better than that.”

When asked if he would like to be involved he waxed lyrical about the character and his place in modern popular culture.

“I think that obviously he’s up there with Batman and the two kind of the big two. It’s incredibly daunting.”

The Prometheus and Star Trek Into Darkness writer then went on to discuss issues with Superman in the modern world.

“I think the challenge with Superman is always going to be what does Superman mean in the contemporary framework? For a character, for a culture that’s basically moved into this sphere of antiheroes, how do you make space for Superman who is sort of the original superhero?”

Well, here’s hoping you never get a chance to try and solve that riddle! This news comes as Jessie Eisenberg says he would be happy to return as Lex Luthor any time they want him.