It’s afraid!

$4 billion into a franchise.  The theme park, a deserted retail hell-hole rather than an immersive experience, full of unsold $6 Coke.  The first registered flop in franchise history in Solo.  A complete do-over of release plans and approach, and the world’s most dedicated fandom still reeling with a bitter taste in their mouths from the last franchise entry and their treatment at the hands of the studio when they dared to criticise.

Always remember…

A fandom that appears to be supremely disinterested in the upcoming release.

What to do?  Well, you reach for the Nostalgia Cannon of course, and you fire another big sticky load of nostalgia right in that movie’s face!  Stand by Nostalgia control…

Fill up Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker with so much stuff that makes you go “Hey, I recognise that!” in the hope it triggers some deep-seated, warm and fuzzy childhood memories.

First up is fan favourite Wedge Antilles.  Ace pilot of the Rebellion!  Just not as ace as that guy in the new cast.  Can’t have that.

Rebel Force Radio broke the news, saying the actor’s agent had confirmed.  71-year-old Lawson is also Ewan McGregor’s uncle.  He appeared in all three original trilogy movies and was central to both Death Star attacks and the Battle Of Hoth.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives on December 20th.  Fandom remains strangely muted.

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