A North Korean man who smuggled a pirate copy of Squid Game into his country from China is to be executed by firing squad.

Squid Game

Alongside that poor sod, seven high school students who were watching the series in their classroom, have been sentenced to rigorous punishment.

Another person who got a copy of Squid Game on a pen drive has been handed life imprisonment, while the rest of the others have been sentenced to 5 years of hard labour.

The school’s headmaster, teachers and even the administrators have all been held responsible for this. Radio Free Asia also quoted a source as saying that all these people will be:

“expelled from the Workers’ party’ and sent to toil in coal mines or rural parts of the country.”

The incident came to light when an unidentified source gave a tip-off to 109 Sangmu, the North Korean government’s surveillance service. The authorities zeroed in on the man after they caught high schools watching the show in their classroom.

It was found later that the man smuggled the show in on a USB stick from China and sold it to a school student, who later shared it with his friends, said the Radio Free Asia report.

A new North Korean law on ‘Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture’ prohibits distributing and watching anything from capitalist countries like South Korea and America. The maximum penalty under this law is death.

According to Radio Free Asia, officials have been hitting the markets to check memory devices that might contain foreign media.

They also alleged that those who bribe the officials can get away even when it’s the death penalty on the other hand.

Squid Game

They should feature all this in the new season of Squid Game.

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