If, like me, you saw the trailer for Nobody, you were probably looking forward to it. Bob Odenkirk, fists, guns…it looked great. Here’s my review.


Nobody starts with Nobody, Hutch (Odenkirk) and his boring life, Monday, bus, work, data entry, bus, dinner, bed. Tuesday, miss the bins, bus, work, data entry, bus, dinner, bed etc. The set up is really great, showing the mundane life of a mundane man.

One night, a couple breaks into his house, petty thieves looking for what they can and hold him at gun point, he gives them his watch, just to get them to leave, but his son tackles one of them, Hutch has the chance to beat up on the couple, but he lets them go. When the police turn up, they said he should have kicked their arses, then, his family and friends say he should have too. Everyone is disappointed in him.

Later, his daughter asks about a missing bracelet, which Hutch thinks was stolen by the couple. Nobody goes to see his father (Christopher Lloyd (and sooooo good to see him)), who is in a care home, takes his old FBI badge and goes to some tattoo parlours (since he saw a tattoo on one of the couple) to find the couple.

There is a great moment where he goes into one parlour, flashes the badge, which someone notices is 20 years out of date. It looks like it’s going to kick off, and one of the guys in the parlour, sees Nobody has tattoos of his own, Special Forces (or the like, I didn’t recognise them myself, but even I knew they meant trouble), the guy takes himself in to a back room and locks the door.

Anyways, Hutch finds out where the couple live and goes to their house. He beats the guy pretty badly, gets his watch and bracelet back, but then hears a baby in another room…the couple need money to care for their sick child. Hutch is mortified and leaves, getting the bus home.


While on the bus, a gang go to get on, Hutch hopes they do get on, since he needs to vent his anger, they do and start hassling people. Everyone gets off, even Hutch, until he sees a girl, who the gang is hassling. He gets back on the bus, pulls a gun and threatens the gang! The girl gets off, Hutch turns back to the gang, tells them he’s going to kick the shite out of them, while emptying the gun of its bullets… it’s going to kick off!

And it does, the fight scene was awesome, really real and has a few HOLY SHIT moments, brutal in places.

This is the first 20 minutes or so, then from here, the story falls down. It turns out, the gang are Russian mobsters and they seek revenge. Sound familiar? Yes, Nobody has pretty much now turned into John Wick.

Killers come to Hutch’s house to kill him, Hutch has a stack of gold (bullion, not coins though), he’s got contacts from his past to help him out and the whole thing ends up as shootout between him and the Russian bad guy. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot that happens in the second and third act of the movie, but I just kept thinking it’s mostly been done in John Wick.


The direction is very good, in fact is great in places, the acting is amazing, Bob is a very underrated actor and, in this, he excels. The support cast are great, Connie Nielson, Christopher Lloyd, RZA, plus more, they are all excellent. But the story just plods along, there are some differences from John Wick, but not many.

It was a shame, I mean, John Wick has been out for a long time now, it’s had three of them, it’s not like anyone who’s going to watch Nobody hasn’t seen John Wick.

Is the movie worth watching? Absolutely yes, it is a really well made movie, great action, funny in places and everyone is really good, especially Christopher Lloyd, but you have to try and forget you’ve seen John Wick.

If John Wick didn’t exist, this would be an amazing movie. I know I’ve over done the John Wick thing, but when you see it, you will see why, but don’t let that stop you watching Nobody, it’s a great action movie.

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