Bob Odenkirk doing action, alongside Connie Nelson, written by Derek Kolstad, the guy behind John Wick and rated R? OK, you have our interest. And after watching this trailer for Nobody now you have our attention. Red band ahoy!

Odenkirk stars as a family man who may not be all he seems. Take a look for yourself.

Doesn’t that just look like amazing, old skool, ass-kicking fun? There is nothing here we haven’t seen before, but sometimes you want just want a burger instead of a twelve course tasting menu.

Given the gangster vibe it’s entirely possible it could even exist in the John Wick universe alongside the murky underworld of assassins and the Continental Hotel.

Ilya Naishuller directs with Odenkirk himself, David Leitch, Kelly McCormick, Marc Provissiero and Braden Aftergood producing.

The movie will be out February 26th in the US and March 5th in the UK. Given the R rating, reasonable budget and ongoing COVID-19 situation it’s likely a home / theater release strategy may be pursued.