Last night No Time To Die had its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London and immediately afterward press screenings kicked off. The early reviews are now filtering out already this morning and the word is good. No Time To Die reviews strongly.

With 36 reviews counted the movie sits at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. This stacks up well against the other Craig movies, putting it closer to Casino Royale and Skyfall than the entries that weren’t so well received like Quantum Of Solace and Spectre.

Casino Royale: 94%
Quantum of Solace: 64%
Skyfall: 92%
Spectre: 63%
No Time to Die: 90%

The reviews all mention a lot of humor, and interestingly all point to an epic conclusion capped by a final sequence referred to as “heartbreaking” and an “epic cliffhanger”. With conjecture around certain aspects of the novel You Only Live Twice being borrowed, do we get a clue to the cliffhanger from that book? Warning, potential spoilers abound if you click on this link!

A selection of review comments from Rotten Tomatoes gives us the flavor:

“What Cary Joji Fukunaga has managed to do here is capture the essence of Bond without contrivance, all the while bringing the character and world firmly into the present day.”

Stefan Pape, HeyUGuys

“For those who’ve taken Daniel Craig’s Bond as their concerns: Their wait is worth it. His final scene is the most heartbreaking sequence in the franchise’s history.”

Robert Daniels, The Playlist

“This is Bond film that dutifully ticks all the boxes – but brilliantly, often doesn’t feel like a Bond film at all. For a 007 who strived to bring humanity to larger-than-life hero, it’s a fitting end to the Craig era.”

John Nugent, Empire Magazine

“An epic swan song for Daniel Craig as 007. Reintroduces some humor and fun into the series after too long of an absence.”

Chris Bumbray, JoBlo

“No Time To Die is startling, exotically self-aware, funny and confident, and perhaps most of all it is big: big action, big laughs, big stunts.”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“Fukunaga stages some fine chases, explosions, stunts, and the big hour-long finale… but there is as much emphasis on the human beings here, their conflicts and complications and complexities as there is on the fast-moving thrills.”

Pete Hammond, Deadline

“You will be on the edge of your seats the entire time. It ends with what may be the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers, or a finale for the ages.”

Roger Friedman, Showbiz 411

The reviews also mention it being a direct sequel to Spectre which ties up many plot points from the whole of the Daniel Craig run as the character.

No Time to Die will open in cinemas in the UK from very early on Thursday morning before opening in the U.S. on October 8th. It will not open in Australia until November 11th.