Eggy Weggs sent us an article about how Steven Spielberg has decided not to include any subtitles for his up-and-coming release of Steve Sondheim’s West Side Story.

West Side Story is set against a backdrop of two rival street gangs in New York, one of which is Puerto Rican and will be speaking a lot of their dialogue in Spanish. To maintain authenticity, Spielberg and writer Tony Kushner, have decided not to include English subtitles for those scenes.

west side story

Some Spanish speaking people on Twitter are very happy that they have decided to keep English people from understanding some of the Spanish scenes. Journalist Yolanda Machado said:

West Side Story is fantastic. White people gonna be big mad tho and good. Bless you Steven Spielberg for not subtitling when our people use our language. In a country where nearly 20 percent of the population speaks Spanish, the subtitles just further keep us othered.”

She Tweeted the above, but then deleted it.

Others have said praised the lack of subtitles, saying things like:

… invigorating choice.

…barely give it a second thought.

Not everyone has been so supportive though, especially people who are hard of hearing or deaf. The Blast reported:

“The Deaf community already struggles to have equal access to entertainment in the film industry. American Sign Language (ASL) is a language with a completely different grammatical structure from English or Spanish, however, there are Deaf individuals that are able to read and write in both English and Spanish. Removing subtitles from the film completely alienates them from understanding anything at all.”

Not being funny, but if you’re deaf, why would you go and see a musical? I know it would look great, but most of the point of a musical is, well, the music.

west side story

Some others have taken to Twitter to show their disappointment, saying:

“What about the people who don’t understand Spanish or are deaf or hard of hearing? Shame on you, Steven.”

Spielberg hasn’t made any public statements about the West Side Story situation yet. Personally, I think:

Tonto sod, eso realmente no está ayudando a vender la película.

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