“It’s Like Looking In A Mirror – Only Not”

Paramount is preparing a reboot the 1997 John Woo action film, Face/Off.

The studio reportedly plans to remake the film with a new cast, and 22 Jump Street and Sonic The Hedgehog writer Oren Uziel has apparently already been tapped to put together a script.

The original film starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage as a cop and terrorist, respectively, who have their faces surgically reversed. Cage needs to spend a decent amount of time acting like Travolta, and Travolta is required to spend a lot of time acting like Cage.

The film became Woo’s biggest original hit with a $245 million global gross, achieving blockbuster, and cult status. Mike Werb and Michael Colleary wrote the original.

The reboot will have Uziel set to write the script, and Neal Moritz (Fast & Furious) will produce and David Permut (Hacksaw Ridge) will be executive producer.

Face/Off was a freak of nature and starred a pair of actors that were on top of their game, it’s also very cheesy. It bugs me why they want to reboot good movies. I think it makes just as much sense to reboot a movie that wasn’t successful but had potential and get it right the second time.

I mean who could fill Cage or Travolta’s boots? Hell with it, just cast them both again but make them swap roles.