The remake is coming to get you, Barbara! Proving that nothing is sacred in Hollywood, George A. Romero’s iconic 1968 feature Night of the Living Dead is being remade. Even more news… wait for it… it’s being seen as the launch point for an entire franchise and universe.


The Walking Dead stank up the joint for most of its latter seasons but now that has finally shuffled off, there is clearly a gap in the market for more zombies.

Village Roadshow Pictures is teaming with Christine Romero, actress, producer, George’s longtime creative collaborator and ex-wife. George A. Romero’s Sanibel Films will be involved, as will Origin Story, Vertigo and Westbrook Studios. It is aimed at the American market.

Nikyatu Jusu
Nikyatu Jusu

Nikyatu Jusu has been brought in to direct. She won this year’s Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Nanny. LaToya Morgan, who wrote for The Walking Dead, is in to pen the scripts. Other details of the project are being kept quiet at this point.

Suddenly this makes me nervous. Romero’s movies are the grandfathers of the modern zombie genre, basically inventing the flesh eating ghouls we now associate with that word, rather than the voodoo controlled humans of myth and legend. The Romero movies were also famous for their approach to the culture of the time and their observations on society.

Modern Hollywood’s attempts to say something important are invariably ham-fisted and tin-eared. Does this crew, so far, fill me with confidence?

The press release contains other phrases that fill anyone who observes the industry with dread, speaking of creating a film that will expand on the premise of the original and revisit the world Romero created. Uh-oh…

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