According to Jeff Sneider, the Ta-Nehisi Coates and J.J. Abrams’ black Superman is still happening, and apparently, the script is reportedly being turned in to Warner Bros. soon.

Straight off, I’m calling doubtful on this moving forward, especially after the recent announcement that Discovery is taking over and plan on clearing the decks over at DC.

A Reimagining Of A Reimagining

In February 2021, Coates was announced to be penning a script for a new take on Superman with J.J. Abrams producing. As usual with these talentless hacks, black Superman isn’t going to be something (slightly) original and have Val-Zod as Big Blue. Nope, this was a reimagining of Clark Kent/Kal-El’s story.


No filmmaker is currently attached and Warner Bros. was reportedly looking to hire a black director to helm the reboot because you know… authenticity and all that. There were also reports that the studio was looking to cast an unknown star to suit up as the DC legend. 

How on earth did this dude get this on?


This just sounds like those currently in charge are just trying to cling to their jobs and make a name for themselves, and show their new paymasters that they still have something to offer. 

Even though their progressive way of thinking has pretty much run everything DC into the ground (with the possible exception of Joker and The Batman), pretending a race-swapped Superman is still in high demand just shows how completely out of touch with the fans these people are. DC in print is in a total death spiral by following this sort of blueprint. Nobody is buying, nobody is reading.

I would love nothing more than for those at Discovery to Livestream security frog-marching these people out of the building while fans outside pelt them with rotten eggs and moldy fruit.


Things I Would Rather Do

I think re-working and race-swapping Kal-El when they already have Val-Zod in the canon is a step too far even for the blue hairs to get away with. I don’t believe for one second Coates has a script even remotely near finished. But on the off chance this does ever see the light of day, here is a list of things I would rather do than watch it:

  1. Watch Star Trek: Discovery and Picard in their entirety
  2. Open a Twitter account
  3. Be locked in a room with the Mother-In-Law for 24 hours
  4. Go to Disneyland dressed as Jimmy Savile

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