“Your Journey Nears Its End”

With the final episode of the so-called Skywalker saga less than a month away, we’ve recently been bombarded with plenty of new promo material. Last Friday, I took my kid to see Frozen 2, and after the trailers, there were 3 short ads from Lucasfilm pleading with you to go and see Rise Of Skywalker.

I’ve tried to source them to no avail, but allow me to briefly explain them, the first ad was Boyega, Isaac, and BB8 all smiles and out of character, politely reminding you that tickets are now on sale. The second ad with Ridley, had her reciting exactly what the boys had already said.

The third was a nostalgia-short featurette of some kid growing up watching the Star Wars movies, starting in 1977 and going with his Dad before finally closing with the same kid, now a man, taking his family in 2019.

It reeked of desperation and there were a few groans in my theater.

This week, the Disney machine has moved into top gear. Over the past few days, there have been 2 new TV spots, a new ‘Saga’ featurette, and the standard-issue Empire covers and first-look images.

Here are a bunch of pics and covers –

Here are the 2 TV spots –

In this teaser (which also shows C-3PO, Kylo and Rey battling) we see the Knights of Ren hanging out like a boyband on some planet. Will the Knights of Ren finally have a pay-off? Does anyone even care?

This clip features Stormtroopers wearing jet-packs, and Finn seems surprised about that, he must’ve missed out on the jet-pack training when he was at Stormtrooper school. Jeezo.

And finally, The Rise Of Skywalker: Special Look, a look at the 9 movies as a whole –

If you still care about Star Wars, you’ve still got plenty to look forward to. The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson still wants to make you a new trilogy.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is released in cinemas on the 19th of December.

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