NBC’s new take on Quantum Leap is in trouble already. The remake and reboot of the well-regarded 1990s sci-fi is having a shake-up behind the scenes amid reports that suits are not happy.

If there is one thig we have learned from our close observation of the industry over the years, it is that suits are rarely right. If there is another thing we have learned, it is that this never, ever bodes well for a show.

“Miss us yet?”

Martin Gero has been promoted to new showrunner, replacing both Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt. They wrote the pilot and will remain on the show as executive producers – in other words, they have been kicked into purely ceremonial positions and will be kept silent by having some points flung at them.

The Manchurian Candidate and The Meg scribe Dean Georgaris has been brought in as another executive producer, indicating concerns about writing.

Gero has been showrunner or producer on Blindspot, Stargate: Atlantis and Kung Fu, among other things, so they have gone for somebody they know. Three episodes are in the can including the pilot. Deadline reports that NBC was unhappy with the pilot. Rumors are that it is being retooled to be the third episode instead.

A new pilot episode is being made under Thor Freudenthal (Carnival Row).

Raymond Lee, Ernie Hudson, Caitlin Bassett and Nanrisa Lee co-star in the new Quantum Leap which is slated to premiere on September 19th, so they had better be bloody quick about it!

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