Disney+ Day just kept pumping out updates. Buried in among a Marvel tsunami and Star Wars leaks was news of something a bit different. The new Predator movie. It now officially has a new title. It was known by the working title of Skulls for production, but the official title, devoid of the word Predator, is Prey.

Now for some unexpected news. It appears that it may not be heading to theaters at all. It will launch exclusively on Hulu in the U.S. and on Star (within the Disney+ service) internationally next Summer 2022. Straight into your home.

Prey is a prequel, set among the Comanche Nation three centuries ago. The story follows Naru, a skilled hunter who fiercely protects her tribe and wants to prove her worth as a warrior. She will get her chance when she comes face to face with the most dangerous hunter of all, one who is not of this world.

It is directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) and there is talk of this forming a jumping-off point to tell some new stories, separate from the increasingly disappointing Predator sequels and spin-offs we have suffered.

The 1987 original still remains one of the greatest action movies of all time.

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