Maybe there is something we need to admit to ourselves about both Star Trek and Star Wars?  It may be painful.  But the cold, hard truth is that their hit rate isn’t actually all that great.

Over eight main movies so far, Star Wars is batting at 2.75 good movies.  That’s a 34% hit rate.  By the time you bake in Ewok movies and Droids cartoons it may sink even lower.

Do the maths on Star Trek and its probably a similar score.

Sure, they both occupy a special place in our geek subconscious and were huge parts of our childhood… our lives.  Maybe we do more to keep them alive than their own guardians and makers do?  However when they are good, they are very good.  And Lord knows, Star Trek is due something very good!

Will Picard be it?

CBS All Access held a panel for its various Star Trek shows on Saturday at New York Comic Con.  Of course there was a Discovery trailer, but who still watches that?

The show everyone is curious about is Picard. On January 23rd on CBS All Access and January 24th on Amazon Prime Video around much of the rest of the world, we will finally know of this is what we have been waiting for.

At NYCC they unveiled some new trailers offering another look at Data, a first look at Riker and Troi, and more details of Picard’s mission with him acting outside of Starfleet’s authorization.

That is the international trailer that you might not be able to access inside the USA.  The USA only trailer is here:

Looks promising. Or am I just projecting my personal needs for Star Trek success into this?

What do our fellow Outposters think?

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