It is no secret that Star Trek: Picard has gone a bit..,. wrong. The highly anticipated series, the first to pick up after The Next Generation period, disappointed fans in its first season. Season two was more of the same, but did end on something of a reset with may characters being killed off, or moving on.


In the meantime, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds clearly stayed well clear of many of the things fans were complaining about with Picard, and the audience responded, hailing it the best new Trek for decades.

The noise around Season 3 of Picard is that maybe lessons have been learned. It is going off in a whole new direction, with the whole Star Trek: The Next Generation crew returning, and a tone said to be more in tune with the old show. There is talk of a determination to give Jean-Luc Picard the send off he deserves.

To help reinforce these tonal rememberries, the showrunner Terry Matalas has posted a tease of a new piece of music for the show from composer Stephen Barton. It seems to have the full James Horner DNA running through it. This is the theme for the USS Titan, the new “star vehicle” for the show.

The USS Titan is the ship Riker had command of after he left the Enterprise at the finale of Star Trek: Nemesis.

An image of Matalas Instagram post

You can hear the piece of music not by clicking on the image above, but by going to this Instagram page for a replay.

Patrick Stewart, obviously, returns as Picard alongside Levar Burton as Geordi LaForge, Michael Dorn as Worf, Jonathan Frakes as Riker, Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher, Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi, and Brent Spiner. Spiner will play Data’s twin brother Lore. No word on if B4, or Simple Data, will appear.

Michelle Hurd returns as Raffi Musiker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine. They are the only returnees from the crew from Season one and two. Amanda Plummer is the new season’s villain, Vadic. She is captain of a starship called the Shrike and has a grievance with Picard and all of Starfleet.

Geordi’s Offspring

Mica Burton and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut have recurring roles as ensigns Alandra La Forge and Sidney La Forge, daughters of Geordi.

Star Trek: Picard hits Paramount+ service on February 16th 2023 and then we can judge if they have managed to save the show.

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