The 2005 action caper Mr And Mrs Smith famously ended one of Hollywood’s most glamorous and powerful marriages. Jennifer Aniston was one of the top draws on TV thannks to Friends and was starting her movie career. Brad Pitt was Hollywood’s leading man. Together they were the ultimate tinseltown couple.

Then Pitt took the lead in Mr And Mrs Smith and enter Angelina Jolie before she became the mythical white skeleton that parents in African villages told their children about to make them behave, or she would come in the night and take them away. Even Jennifer Aniston’s hair could not compete with early Jolie and her weaponized sultriness.

The movie was a perfectly serviceable action comedy. Amazon has announced a TV series adaptation of Doug Liman’s movie and has announced their lead pair – re-teaming from Solo.

Atlanta creator, Community actor, rapper and Lando Calrissian impersonator Donald Glover will team with Fleabag creator, Killing Eve creator and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Mr And Mrs Smith themselves.

Waller-Bridge and Glover will create and star in the series with Fargo and Atlanta showrunner Francesca Sloane taking the reins.

The series will debut in 2022 as part of Waller-Bridge’s Amazon deal and the original producers are also involved in the reboot series.