But do you care?

Mulan was a good, solid movie and making it live action seems like a no brainer. As opposed to The Lion King, while admittedly making money, is a poor substitute to the original. But Mulan has been made in several different ways already so this may work. The trailer looks reasonable.

Still, I’m pretty tired of this trend. Cultural stagnation is definitely becoming a problem and these member-berries movies aren’t helping that. It’s one thing to do something like The Mandalorian. That may be in an existing property but its clearly a new and interesting story.

Hell, comic books have been milking the same heroes for up to eighty years.

So it’s not a bad thing to use an existing set of IPs. But these flat out remakes with actors and CGI paint isn’t anything new. Even Maleficient had a new spin on things at least, even if it was a painful misfire.

But these? Just re-doing what we’ve seen before and quite frankly, better? I’m not sure I’m on board.

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