Daniel Craig was in the role of James Bond for 17 years and leaves behind some big shoes to fill. The Bond producers, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have played it coy over a potential replacement. Statements were made saying that they were focused on No Time To Die and Daniel Craig’s final bow so they haven’t been thinking about it.

Logically though, we all know that is absolute bullsh*t.


They were potentially facing life without Daniel Craig from the end of Spectre all the way back in 2015. Seven years passed before Not Time To Die was released, and that was delayed three times by COVID with the movie in the can for two years, just waiting. They knew, then, without a doubt that it was Craig’s last time in the role of James Bond.

Are they seriously expecting us to believe they weren’t thinking ahead at all? There is a list. There is always a list. There are files at Eon Productions with all the runners and riders. You know it. We know it. They also confirmed that there are conversations, as they confirmed that Idris Elba has been part of those conversations.

Long-time Daily Mail showbiz columnist Baz Bamigboye has a better hit rate than most when it comes to James Bond. He was very clear last week that Elba was part of the conversation, but is not in the running as he is too old at 50 this year.

Same for Tom Hardy. They will cast a relative unknown to middle-ranking talent who is affordable enough to take a risk on, and likely to sign a long-term contract while being old enough to make a run of at least 4 movies. That would also rule out Henry Cavill, another favorite, unless he wants the role so much he’s clever with his financial demands and they can move fast, maybe with two movies made back-to-back.


Look to somebody with a decent TV career and maybe a couple of movies under their belt, but not A-List, and definitely under 40. Probably closer to 35.

The rumor is that Idris Elba will play the villain if they can make the story work.

Will We Find Out Sooner Than Expected?

That is the rumor out there now. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the 007 films, but with No Time To Die passing last year, the big celebration year could look a bit lean. So are they further ahead than they have admitted?

Deadline’s Justin Kroll is no clickbait factory, and he tweeted yesterday:

“While it’s been crickets on the #BondWatch scene, making it seem like this will be a long process, one source with a couple clients in the mix told me something interesting recently of when a decision may come down the pipeline, “I think we he[ar] who it is after the Oscars.”

The 94th Academy Awards take place on March 27, 2022. So could there be an announcement that soon? Maybe in April?

He went on to expand on his information with some expectation management:

“Obviously taking this with a grain a salt as putting an ETA on these types of decisions never works out but interesting that some believe this won’t be an all year wait. Again this a ‘could hear a name’ by spring not a guarantee to.”

That is not all, though. Interestingly the Bond producers themselves have spoken further about the next Bond. Speaking with Deadline’s Crew Call podcast last week, Broccoli said:

“We’ll just have to see what happens. We’ll start the process, y’know, sometime this year I guess. And we’ll see where it takes us. What we tend to do is we tend to come up with an idea for a storyline, we start to flesh that out and once we have something reasonably concrete, that’s when we go out to directors. And that’s when we decide who would be the best director for that particular storyline, rather than just having a generic idea.”

Maybe they will announce the official start of screen tests or the casting search after the Oscars in March, then set a target of Global James Bond Day on October 5, which marks the 60th anniversary of Dr No, for the big announcement?

It would seem to make sense to use that date for something big, wouldn’t it?


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