No… Jesus Christ, No!

Did you know that Set It Off and Boomerang are being rebooted? Neither did I, and today, I find that next on the list of reimagined classics is an official sequel to New Jack City.

Snowfall actor and filmmaker Malcolm M. Ways is working on the screenplay. His first film Trouble was released in 2007, and he recently penned the Warner Bros. adaptation of Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil: The Life, Legacy, And Love Of My Son Michael Brown. Currently, the film is being pushed with the title Ferguson.

Released in 1991, New Jack City was directed by Mario Van Peebles and starred Wesley Snipes, Bill Nunn, Allen Payne, Ice-T, Christopher Williams, and comedian Chris Rock. It isn’t known if any of the original cast will return for the sequel.

The movie featured Nino Brown (Snipes), a drug crime lord, rising up the ranks of New York City’s crime ladder due to selling the ultimate cash crop; crack. Two street-wise detectives are assigned to bring down Nino and shut down his drug operations by infiltrating his gang units.

Talking about the new movie, Ways said:

“It’s actually a sequel, not a remake-reboot, I guess the cats out the bag now. It’s an honor.”

Mays is the nephew of Stanely “Tookie” Williams, the creator of the Crips gang in Los Angeles who turned into an author during his life prison. He also was nominated for A Nobel Peace Prize four times for his anti-gang initiatives.

We’ll report any developments right here.

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