“It’s Me! Uncle Frank! Come To Daddy!”

According to Deadline, the new Hellraiser show, directed by David Gordon Green (Halloween, 2018), will be premiere on HBO.

Based on Clive Barker’s iconic franchise, the story will follow Pinhead as he unleashes a number of demons sent from Hell called the Cenobites.

HBO has now finalised a deal to develop the series. The new Hellraiser will be written by Daredevil and Heroes writer Mark Verheiden and X-Men United writer Michael Dougherty.

Filmmaker Green, known for rebooting the Halloween horror film franchise, is slated to direct several episodes, including the pilot episode.

There aren’t many other details surrounding the new reboot, but in fact, this new show is not being labelled as a reboot at all. It’s being described as –

“an elevated continuation and expansion of the well-established Hellraiser mythology.”

A release date for the upcoming series hasn’t been revealed yet, and we’ll bring you all the details when we find out more.

There is also another unrelated Hellraiser movie coming out soon, too. Spyglass is said to be working on a separate Hellraiser film project. But, there aren’t many details available for that yet either.