Alongside a new Superman and new James Bond, there is probably only one other role right now in Hollywood that is so speculated about, and so sought after. Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic in Fantastic Four. Well, now the usual suspects and sources have a new name potentially in the frame as frontrunner for the role. As usual, internet only scuttlebutt from people who term themselves as “Insider (Insert Name Here)” gets a healthy warning in the form of one of these:


The Direct have carried report stating that the search for Reed Richards is really kicking up a gear and meetings are underway. Many actors were listed. It has been whittled down before the meetings. Now their report suggests Adam Driver is in lead to land the gig.

He has a good working relationship with Disney through his time on the Star Wars sequels and was known for being a consummate professional throughout their production. Is it payback time?


This story has bubbled up in other places even before The Direct. Jeff Sneider spoke about this on The Hot Mic podcast and Grace Randolph said on Beyond the Trailer that Driver could be:

“…a front-runner for a certain stretchy role.”

Other reports floating around out there mention Austin Butler as Johnny Storm. This would mean they are looking at an ensemble cast.

This was unthinkable maybe even just over a decade ago, but the changing nature of the box office landscape means any actor who wants stability to pay the big bills wants a Marvel gig. There are no movie stars anymore, just big franchises. Even Tom Cruise can’t open a movie without Mission: Impossible or Top Gun on the marquee these days.

Get the Marvel gig, and you can make all the interesting prestige movies you want in your downtime.


John Krasinski recently ruled himself out, stating his cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as the character was one and done, and just for fun.

Fantastic Four is set to make its debut during Phase 6 of the MCU, on February 14, 2025.

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