Previously the Winter Soldier, then the White Wolf, now back to the Winter Soldier again.  Yet there is one role Sebastian Stan covets over all others.

He’s going to be on screens as the Winter Soldier for a while as part of the new Disney+ team-up show Falcon And The Winter Soldier.  This was days away from wrapping production when the ‘Rona hit.  He’s also got the upcoming Drake Doremus drama Endings, Beginnings heading to VOD.

He was being interviewed by Heat Vision for that movie with Shailene Woodley and Jamie Dornan.  He was asked about his time working in Destroyer with director Karyn Kusama in 2018.

He spoke warmly about her and his love of working with her.  It was revealed that she is in charge of the new take on Dracula for Universal and they asked Stan about that:

“I already emailed her about that. I said, ‘You know I’m from Romania, right?’ and she goes, “Yes, yes, it’s very early — and there’s a pandemic. Hopefully, we’ll see you in four years.’”

Stan also claimed that Falcon and Winter Soldier is tonally in line with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.