Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts has been cast as the new Django. The star of The Old Guard will lead a new ten-part series based on the Sergio Corbucci 1966 spaghetti western. The series has been tagged as high concept.

European TV’s Sky and Canal+ will combine with the production houses behind Gomorrah and Midnight Sun, Cattleya and Atlantique Productions, to bring the story to the screen again. The original was stand-out at the time for it’s violence.

The show will still be set in the western frontier of the 1860s and 1870s as Django searches for his daughter who he has learned survived the massacre of the rest of his family eight years previously.

He finds her in New Babylon, a city of outcasts, and he has to fight his way back into her life and defend himself from all manner of threats.

Production begins in May.