As we prepare to bid farewell, in some cases thankfully, to Marvel’s somewhat tepid Phase 4 we can wonder if Phase 5 will be any better? The post Avengers: Endgame malaise has been hard to shake, with a lot of it feeling very much like filler until the next big Marvel universe event gets moving. We know what that will be – Kang The Conqueror.


Destin Daniel Cretton was set as director for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty a few weeks ago. Now a writer has been lined up. Marvel Studios has is said to have hired Jeff Loveness This fifth Avengers movie will be the tentpole feature in Marvel’s Phase 6.

Loveness is primarily a comedy screenwriter and producer. He wrote four episodes of season 4 of Rick And Morty including the highly regarded and award winning The Vat of Acid. After the success of Thor: Ragnorok the producers decided to double down on the humor by re-hiring Taika Waititi for Thor: Love And Thunder and the results of that were pretty disastrous. We hope the hiring of a Rick And Morty scribe doesn’t mean they are about to completely over-commit to silliness.

A lot of the charm of the MCU was that it played itself completely straight no matter how insane the premise.

Kang Loki and Sylvie

Loveness also wrote Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania, a movie that will apparently introduce Kang The Conqueror after a more benign, multiverse version was introduced in season one of Loki. Jonathan Majors will appear as Kang the Conqueror in both movies and maybe, like Thanos, elsewhere across the coming phases.

Kang, as comic fans will know, was closely tied to the Fantastic Four and Reed Richards in particular.

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