Oscar-nominated director David Fincher has reunited with Netflix, and his old Se7en crew, for his next feature film titled The Killer.

Netflix Killer

According to Variety, Prometheus star Michael Fassbender is in talks to star in the upcoming assassin drama.

Andrew Kevin Walker, who has collaborated with Fincher on Se7en, Fight Club and The Game, is writing the script for the forthcoming film.

The film is based on the French graphic novel series, The Killer, which was first published in France in 1988. Consisting of twelve albums, the series was later published between 1998 and 2013 in the US.

The story follows a loner who works as an assassin who begins to psychologically struggle without any semblance of a moral compass, all the while being pursued by a skilled investigator looking to stop him.

Back in 2007, it was reported that Fincher had been tapped by Paramount Pictures to direct a movie adaptation of The Killer. At the time, Allesandro Camon was attached to pen the screenplay.

As Fincher stayed busy with other projects, this wound up stalling in development hell until the filmmaker recently revisited the concept.

Netflix Killer

In November, Fincher signed a four-year film deal with Netflix. Mank, the black-and-white drama that chronicles screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz’s efforts to finish the script for the Orson Welles classic Citizen Kane, was released late last year and is considered an Oscars frontrunner.

Mank marked Fincher’s first feature directing effort since the psychological thriller Gone Girl in 2014. In between, Fincher executive produced and directed the Netflix TV series Mindhunter, an FBI crime drama starring Jonathan Groff.

Netflix Killer

Some of Fincher’s other acclaimed movies as a director include The Social Network, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Zodiac and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

It hasn’t been revealed when The Killer might begin production, and Michael Fassbender has yet to be officially confirmed as a part of the cast.