As the 20th anniversary of that fateful day approaches, Netflix is unveiling a new documentary series that reflects on that tragic day.

Who attacked the United States at the time, and why? What mistakes in the intelligence services allowed this to happen? What have the decisions of three governments in the war on terror brought us to this point?

This five-part docuseries from director Brian Knappenberger will include interviews with officials from multiple US presidential administrations, plus former CIA members and US military veterans, as well as Afghanistan National Army soldiers, Taliban commanders, Afghan warlords, and Afghan civilians.

Many of whom have never spoken on camera before. And what’s more, this series and the others below coincide with the breathtakingly swift collapse of the government in Afghanistan, which is bringing a depressing and horribly tragic conclusion to the story of the United States longest war.

Netflix Netflix

Here’s the trailer:

The official Netflix synopsis reads:

“Modern history can be divided into two time frames: before 9/11 and after 9/11. This five-part docuseries from director Brian Knappenberger is a cohesive chronicle of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S., offering illuminating perspectives and personal stories of how the catastrophic events of that day changed the course of the nation. From the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 to the country’s breathtaking collapse back into the hands of the Taliban just weeks before the twentieth anniversary of the attacks, history continues to be made.”

Turning Point: 9/11 And The War On Terror premieres on Netflix on September 1st.

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