But It’s Not Cancelled

Mindhunter, Netflix’s psychological crime drama concerning the early days of the FBI’s behavioural sciences unit, was green-lit for 2 seasons when it was introduced back in 2016.

And now since that the second season has long been available, fans are now beginning to wonder when the third season is being released.

Series creator and showrunner David Fincher is currently too busy with another project according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to them –

“Talk of a third season of Mindhunter is on hold while Fincher focuses on his next feature.”

Fincher reportedly has a five-season plan for Mindhunter, whereas John Douglas, the real-life Agent that Holden Ford is based, informs that John Gacy and Ted Bundy may probably function as interviewees in later seasons.

As LMO reported earlier this week, Fincher’s new film has been commissioned by Netflix and is a black and white movie called Mark, which tells the story about Citizen Kane screenwriter Herman J Mankiewicz and stars Gary Oldman. The director is also planning a prequel series of 1974’s Chinatown which starred Jack Nicholson.

Actor Holt McCallany who plays Agent Bill Tench told PopCulture –

“I don’t think anybody knows right now, exactly what lies in store for Holden and Bill, and Wendy. We are hopeful that we will get to do the whole five seasons because the audience seems to have really responded to the show, people really like the show. And we’re very proud of the show and very excited to keep making the show.”

Parasite and Memories Of Murder director Bong Joon-ho recently expressed interest in directing an episode of Mindhunter, so maybe the timing between seasons could result in that actually happening.