Leasing New York’s Historic Paris Theater

Streaming giant Netflix has announced it has taken over the historic Paris Theater in New York City.

Deadline reports that the streaming giant, which has been accused of threatening the cinema experience, has taken out a long-term lease to screen its films. It also said the deal was a 10-year lease agreement.

Previously, Netflix has rented various cinemas for limited periods to ensure its films are eligible for awards. The company said on Twitter –

“Now, the iconic theatre will be kept open and become a home for special Netflix events, screenings, and theatrical releases,”

The Paris Theater is New York’s last single-screen cinema and had closed in late August. 71 years ago Marlene Dietrich cut the ribbon to open the doors, which became one of America’s most notable art-house cinemas.

Netflix film Okja, starring Tilda Swinton, was booed by some journalists in 2017 when it played at the Cannes Film Festival. Swinton said –

“I hope that Netflix is going to build some nice big cinemas in every single city around the world. That’s what I want them to do… and then they’ll prove that they’re really dedicated to big-screen entertainment.”

This isn’t Netflix’s first foray into traditional cinemas. Since April, the company has been working on a deal to take over the historic Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles. Netflix has also reportedly considered buying a small chain like Landmark Theatres.

Last year, Steven Spielberg said the company’s films should be considered television instead of film. One of his main arguments was that movies shouldn’t qualify for the Oscars if they only run in cinemas for a few weeks.

Now, by owning a theater-like The Paris, Netflix will attempt to address those concerns and create goodwill with movie-goers.

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