Just a few short months ago it looked as if National Treasure was dead as a movie franchise. It was being resurrected on Disney+ as a streaming show, skewed to young adults with a now-standard “Girl Power” vibe. With star Nicholas Cage languishing in direct-to-streaming releases to get his tax bill paid, it seemed like the further adventures of Benjamin Franklin Gates were a long way from becoming a reality.


Well, times have changed. Cage has paid his dues. Pig and the recently released The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent earned him great reviews. National Treasure producer Jerry Bruckheimer is kicking down doors in Hollywood again with Top Gun: Maverick destroying any expectations and projections in a good way.

Stars are aligning and a Hollywood power partnership from Con Air, The Rock, and Gone In Sixty Seconds is looking like it might be back together.

Bruckheimer recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread. He was asked about working with Cage again when he dropped the news:

“Absolutely. I love Nicolas, he’s a brilliant actor and we are currently working on a script for National Treasure.”

The Disney+ series is set within the same universe as the original films, so they could have a multimedia franchise on their hands. National Treasure: Book of Secrets earned over $450 million at the box office.

The history and cryptography romps are great fun, putting a creative spin on American history, American Freemasons, and the American Revolutionary War. The first movie dealt with a coded, unseen map, placed on the back of the Declaration of Independence that led to a great treasure. The second movie wove the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln to a secret Presidential shared diary detailing everything from Watergate and Area 51 to the JFK Assassination.

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