Black Panther: Wakanda Forever producer Nate Moore has been out talking about the upcoming movie recently. Just like many bold claims were made about the original Black Panther movie, many things are being said about this sequel. Among them is Moore stating that the movie depicts Namor as “the voice of the colonized”.

“We thought it was really interesting, both to bring a little bit of the attitude of Namor from publishing, who has always known as being incredibly arrogant and sort of confident, but also to ground it in a real conflict.”

The reason Namor had a streak of arrogance was that he was royalty and raised to be a ruler and a warrior. His mother was the daughter of Emperor Thakorr of Atlantis, Fen, and his father an American sea captain with whom she fell in love.


The pink-skinned mutant Namor was subsequently born among the blue-skinned Atlanteans and became the Prince of Atlantis.

Nothing around colonizers there. So why the changes? They go further in the commentary. A recent clip from the film sees Huerta pronouncing Namor’s name differently. He refers to himself as “Nah-more” rather than “Neigh-more”. Moore goes on to say:

“Namor, I would say, he’s obviously given that name also by someone in the film so it’s not even something that it is from him. But there is certainly a way that a Spanish speaker or even a Mayan speaker would say Namor versus a way that an English speaker or somebody who is a little bit more Western in slant might say Namor. And we thought that was just interesting.”

It’s reality that people face and it felt more genuine than having everybody to pronounce it correctly, to be quite honest.”

In the comics Namor, and the familiar pronunciation, is his the name given to him by his mother and it means “Avenging Son” so again no hint of colonization.


Yet more changes from the comics to the character? Yet more shoehorned in modern politics where there was none in the source material? Or in service of the story?

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