The teaser for upcoming film My Son Hunter previews the (alleged – LOL) true story of the endless scandals and corruption plaguing the Biden family.

The story of Hunter’s shady background and the desperate cover ups by the MSM, The White House and Joe Biden are told through the lens of a Secret Service agent who serves as narrator, played by Gina Carano.

My Son Hunter Biden
John James play President Joe Biden. Joe’s son Hunter calls his dad Pedo Pete for some reason.

The Smartest Man I Know

The film promises to explore the story of Hunter Biden, who was once called “the smartest man I know” by his father and current US President, Joe Biden.

It will delve into the tangled web of prostitution, partying, international business dealings, drugs, sex, Chinese spies, crack pipes, the infamous laptop from Hell, Ukrainian oligarchs and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

To say Hunter is the epitome of (so-called) white privilege and how rules and laws don’t apply to the ruling class is an understatement of gargantuan proportions. I for one have been looking forward to this movie since it was announced.

My Son Hunter is directed by Robert Davi (Licensed to Kill, Die Hard, Goonies) and stars Laurence Fox (Victoria, Inspector Lewis, The Professor) and Gina Carano (The Mandalorian, Dead Pool, Heist).

With midterm elections just around the corner, select committee investigations, the announcement of Fauci quitting and FBI raids on the home of a former President Trump, this new film could not be more aptly timed.

The opening line of the biopic, spoken by Mandalorian star Carano, notes:

“This is not a true story, except for all the facts.”

My Son Hunter Whores
Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden who by the looks of things is missing out on all the fun.

Fear Of The Right

We all know Gina Carano was unceremoniously fired by Lucasfilm for questioning the Covid narrative and the use of pronouns by the mentally ill. The final nail in her Star Wars coffin came when she compared being a Republican in the USA at the moment to being Jewish in Germany in the 1930s.

Gina Caranao
Gina Carano in My Son Hunter

Laurence Fox is an English actor who has also been canceled here in the UK. He said saying someone has white privilege is racist. He tweeted All Lives Matter after Saint George Floyd died and peaceful protest engulfed the US. All of which resulted in cities being burnt to the ground, people being murdered and shops looted. 

In August 2021, Fox posted a tweet stating “Get kneeling, fuckers” about the recent arrest of footballer Benjamin Mendy who is facing charges of eight counts of rape, one count of sexual assault and one count of attempted rape. The tweet was removed by Twitter and the account was temporarily locked for violating its rules against “hateful conduct”.

For my American brethren, multi-millionaire footballers continue to kneel before each game in support of BLM and to protest the oppression of POC. Amusingly, 43% of Premier League footballers (the top league) are black and the average wage of a Premier League footballer is £60K per week. That’s over £3m a year. I’d like some of that oppression, wouldn’t you?

Red Scarf
Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden, red scarf, white pants and all.

The Breitbart Connection

Last week Breitbart announced they are entering the world of scripted entertainment with My Son Hunter being their first foray. Breitbart CEO Larry Solov said:

“Breitbart has always believed freedom flourishes with more voices, not less,” said. “As we begin distributing films, that belief will be a guiding light. In 2020, Big Tech colluded with the mainstream media to bury one of the biggest political scandals to protect their chosen presidential candidate. It was unprecedented and outrageous. My Son Hunter is a film they never wanted you to see, which is precisely why Americans must.”

I’m not expecting many other movie sites to even mention My Son Hunter, so I’m dutifully keeping an eye on proceedings for you heathens. With the release of the full trailer on August 26th, you can expect copious amounts of left wing butthurt simply because this movie exists.

Check out the trailer below and the new poster that released earlier today.

Hunter Poster

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