Another day, another disappointment for Disney. News that Ms Marvel only managed to pull in 775,000 viewers within its first five days makes it Marvel’s worst of any MCU Disney+ series.

Typically Marvel shows easily pull in well over a 1 million viewers for their new shows. Loki is the highest with 2.5M, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier 1.8M, Moon Knight 1.8M, Wanda Vision 1.6M and Hawkeye with 1.5M.

Ms Marvel

Good Reviews

To be fair, Ms Marvel is actually doing well with critics according to Rotten Tomatoes. Both the Critics score of 95% and Audience score of 83% seem to suggest the show isn’t too bad. A few of our Outposters have seen it with their feedback ranging from average to good.

An old geezer like me is obviously not the target audience for Ms Marvel and I have no intention of watching it. Therefore I’m not going to criticise it. Drunken Yoda recently reviewed it and said it was average giving it 2.5 stars.

Iman Vellani’s role of Kamala Khan – aka Ms Marvel – is a hit with Gen Z viewers (20-24 year olds) seemingly attracting a much more diverse crowd with Asian, black, and Hispanic households tuning into this series more than the others. So why the low viewership?

Ms Marvel 2

All The Familiar Excuses

As per usual, the usual mob are screeching on cue. Paul Tassi over at Forbes claims it’s because of racism. He whines:

“This is a show about a teenage Pakistani-American Muslim girl where comic fanbases have had decades of white guys as heroes. That’s slowly starting to change, but minority heroes as leads are still rare and unfortunately can be rejected for that reason alone.”

Other’s like The Direct’s Russ Milheim think it’s because the show has been review bombed. Perhaps Russ needs to look at the aforementioned RT scores to see how that’s not the case?

One reason for the poor viewership could simply be superhero fatigue. Doctor Strange 2 is still at some cinemas and it’s only been a month or so since Moon Knight finished. And by the way Paul Tassi, Moon Knight also features a ‘minority hero’ and still managed to pull in over double Ms Marvel’s numbers. Just saying. 

Full retard

Common Sense

There are several logical factors to consider if you want to figure out why a show that has so far been relatively well received is underperforming. Planning and lack of foresight from Disney is the simple answer.

Ms Marvel is not only coming so soon after the end of Moon Knight, but people have just finished season 4 of Stranger Things. Also, it’s competing with Obi-Wan Kenobi, which is regularly pulling in over 2 million viewers per episode.

Other reasons could be people are tightening their purse strings due to the rocky economy and cancelling the endless list of streaming services. Or the fact they are turning away from Disney for another reason that I’m not going into all over again.

Whether Disney wants to look at this logically or mindlessly point the finger is irrelevant. The simple fact is that audiences are not attracted to their current business model – CONSUME.


A majority of shows we get in these streaming wars is poor quality in every department. From writing to directing to CGI and acting, it’s not good. Remember Disney, it’s quality over quantity and until you remember that, as well as the other obvious factors I recently wrote about, you’ll continue to suffer.

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