Just like your friendly, neighbourhood Priest, the Reverend from the Outpost is here to hear all your deepest, darkest, movie confessions.

What do you love that others hate? What pop culture pox do you unashamedly hold a candle for?  Which movies will you defend, to the ends of the Earth, while others dogpile to its awfulness?

The confession booth is open.  Bless you, Outposters, because you have sinned!  And seeing some of you in full flow oh My Lord have you sinned!

Get it off your chest.  Confess your deepest, darkest movie love secrets below.

Me… I love Man Of Steel and I really, truly get what they were going for.  There you go.  The ball is rolling.  Now have at it.  Reverend Stark is in the booth.  Come in.  Confess all.  You filthy little Outposters!