Guillermo del Toro has a white whale. An obsession. A movie that is his passion project. That movie is an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s 1936 novella At the Mountains of Madness.

The famous story follows a mission to Antarctica and the discovery of the remains of highly evolved creatures that defy scientific logic. They also discover an abandoned ancient city deep within the mountain range, while their explorations cause something to stir from its long slumber.

“Dave! Run! Oh well, looks like Dave is fucked.”

At one point Tom Cruise was set to star and even James Cameron was up to produce the project. Then a $150 million budget for an R-rated movie spooked Universal.

Del Toro has never given up on At The Mountains Of Madness. He has continued to push and has even mentioned streaming as a possible home for a longer adaption, with his script being rewritten to suit. As his version of Pinocchio has found a home on Netflix, along with Cabinet Of Curiosities, it may be that his dream could finally be realised.

Clearly not as a coincidence, and probably to get some buzz going, del Toro has released a never-before-seen CGI test from ILM. This would have been created maybe 20 years ago. This was an early demo, made while they were prepping the movie.

He shared the clip via one of those new-fangled technical things that we believe are all the rage with the kids these days – called an “Instagram”

A screenshot – we bet you clicked!

You can see the CGI test in action at de Toro’s Instagram page right here.

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