The Hollywood Reporter has delivered a lengthy story that includes an in-depth interview with Justice League actor Ray Fisher. This adds more details to the controversy that kicked off surrounding Joss Whedon and his time on the set during reshoots. There are also some surprising details of other actors having issues.

When Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max last month it was staggering just how different Cyborg’s arc was as a character. Whedon’s rewrites and reshoots effectively reduced a character who was, at times, the heart and would of the movie into a borderline cameo. No wonder Ray Fisher was not happy.

He then revealed that Whedon’s on set behavior was:

“…gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable…

This led to both Gal Gadot and Jason Mamoa coming out in support of Fisher. Now it has been claimed that Gal Gadot was also on the receiving end of Whedon’s bullying.

Gadot was apparently unhappy with some of the changes being demanded of her character in the reshoots, especially as these ran counter to the Wonder Woman presented in the already completed, but at the time unreleased solo movie. When she tried to take these issues up with Whedon he reportedly threatened to derail her career if she did not comply.

Whedon also reportedly disparaged Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, with whom Gadot has a close relationship. Witnesses claim that Whedon then bragged about this confrontation to others and said he was deliberately giving Gadot more lines he knew she would not like in revenge.

Whedon’s behavior on various sets has now been revealed by various people, with Buffy star Charisma Carpenter also coming forward, followed by some of her co-stars.

The report also touches on Fisher and his now canceled role in The Flash. He had confirmation of two weeks shooting with director Andy Muschietti however once he started to speak more openly about the Justice League issues, including his comments about the internal Warner Bros. investigations, his involvement was officially listed as a cameo.

This meant the financial offer was low. Reports said Fisher was expecting twice as much money. Warner Bros. claimed the Fisher’s issues with Walter Hamada, Warner’s senior exec, were behind Fisher’s own decision to not participate.

Refusing to back down, and continuing to push for transparency around the behavior of Joss Whedon, Jon Berg, and Geoff Johns, Fisher says:

“If I can’t get accountability, at least I can make people aware of who they’re dealing with.”

Bullying, vanity, money, rampant egos. Seems like standard behavior for Clown Town.

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