The law of diminishing returns was in full effect with Transformers.  An undemanding, relatively inoffensive start made big bank.  The sequels became bigger and smashier, yet weaker and more insulting.

Eventually we got jive-talking robots, cigar smoking robots, robot testicles, lingering sexual shots of girls playing underage characters, and a mini-reboot and spin-off prequel.  All of which made less and less money as it unfolded.  It looked like it was dead, or at least on hiatus.

Well, they are back!  Paramount Pictures has hired screenwriters Joby Harold who recently wrote King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Oooof!) and John Wick: Chapter 2 (Yay!) along with James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) to bring us two more live-action movies back-to-back.

According to a report from the ever reliable Dark Horizons website, the writers will each tackle a movie individually and then they will put them both into development.

We still await clarity as to whether they continue with the Bay-verse or will be a reboot.  No directors are tagged yet as it’s still early.  One is rumored to be a Beast Wars movie.

Hasbro Studios has been making noises about a cinematic universe, because of course they have.  Everyone wants one despite the fact that only Marvel have ever actually got it right (DCEU, Dark Universe, Ghostbusters reboot next steps, even Star Wars etc.).  This is because the majority of people in Hollywood aren’t actually very smart.

So expect GI Joe to crop up somewhere in this version.