We told you what Quibi is, we told you Bill Murray is already on board and teased you with The Fugitive.  More talent seems to be heading this was with news today that John Travolta has been cast to star opposite Kevin Hart in a comedy action series Die Hart on the new platform.

According to the publicity Hart will play a fictional version of himself.  Having spent a career as a comedy sidekick in many action movies this version of Hart will be striving for an action role in his own right.
He gets offered a role as a leading man in an action movie.  The catch is that he’s not trained for it and must attend action movie school, a punishing institution with an unstable tutor in the form of Travolta.
Froj this point on Hart has to compete against a rival student while coping with the increasingly insane behaviour of a Travolta’s coach.

Production starts on Monday.  Eric Appel directs with Tripper Clancy and Derek Kolstad writing.

The mobile-only Quibi service launches direct to your pocket on April 6th.