As predicted, Disney is the next studio to have a major reshuffle and push most of it’s back.  Marvel Studios is shifting it’s whole plan on by a year. 2020 used to have Black Widow in May and The Eternals in November. Simpler times, more innocent times, before the ‘rona.

Now they all move for the second time as Black Widow moves to May 7th 2021 and The Eternals goes to November 5th 2021.To make a hole, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings moves back two months to July 9th 2021.

West Side Story, Spielberg’s musical debut, is also bouncing a whole year. It was down for December 18th. Now it moves out to December 2021.

The old Fox brand is also shifting in line with their Disney masters. Death on the Nile moves from October 23rd to December 18th, bringing it head to head with Dune, as long as Dune doesn’t move.

The King’s Man comes forward to early February to clear some space behind it. Ben Affleck’s Deep Water will move back ten months to August next year. Disney is keeping Soul and Free Guy where they are for now.

No PVOD or Disney+ release plans have been announced. In the wake of the news that an analyst company ran the figures and arrived at a $260 million gross for Mulan on Disney+ in the US alone, other commentators have thrown doubt on those figures so it may not be as clear cut as the math previously made it appear. That would certainly explain why at least half of the movie above haven’t been found a new home being beamed directly to your living room.