In July The Masters of the Universe: Revelations came out and everyone was excited, because Kevin Smith was doing it and he promised it wouldn’t be woke. Then we all saw it. The screams were heard around the world. Did he break He-Man?


That was the first five episodes and the backlash from the fans was something Netflix hadn’t anticipated. Fans took to social media and were quite passionate about it. You can read the Last Movie Outpost’s review as well. Everyone pointed their hate towards Smith and he fought back. To quote him:

“I see people online go, ‘Hey man, they’re getting rid of He-Man!’ Like, you really f—ing think Mattel Television, who hired me and paid me money, wants to do a f—ing ‘Masters of the Universe’ show without He-Man? Grow the f— up, man. Like, that blew my mind, bunch of people being like, ‘Oh, I smell it. This is a bait and switch.”

Well, the next five episodes are due out and Netflix has released a poster.


There is also a synopsis for this half of the series:

The war for Eternia continues in the second part of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation,” an innovative and action-packed animated series that picks up where the iconic characters left off. With Skeletor now wielding the Sword of Power, the weary heroes of Eternia must band together to fight back against the forces of evil in a thrilling and epic conclusion to the two-part series.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the second series. Fans are going in with very low expectations. In this new series, has Smith sold out and stopped all the woke? Or is he going to stick to his guns and carry it on?

Masters of the Universe: Revelation will stream the final 5 episodes on 23rd November on Netflix.

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