Filming has now totally wrapped on the 25th Bond adventure,  No Time To Die, with post production underway ahead of the April 2020 release. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga shared a picture on Twitter.

Now, a new report in the British tabloid press indicates the villain will have a lair in the upcoming movie.  A hollowed-out volcano?  An alpine retreat reachable only by helicopter? An undersea fortress?

Not exactly.  Following on an abandoned island in the South China Sea (Skyfall) and a Moroccan meteor crater (Spectre), Rami Malek’s mysterious villain will hide behind the respectable front of…  an algae farm!

Malek has been rumoured to be playing a bio-genius involved in bio-hacking and genetic warfare.  It may be a fair guess that this is hidden behind some kind of eco-friendly mask similar to Dominic Greene in Quantum Of Solace.

Interestingly the reports also mention a mysterious Zen garden at the complex.

The rumoured/working title of Bond 25 was Shatterhand, which was a cover name Ernst Stavro Blofeld gave himself while on the run in the Fleming novel You Only Live Twice. In that novel, he was protected by a “Garden Of Death” complete with poisonous spiders and snakes, toxic plants and a lake full of piranha.

Will we finally see this garden on the big screen?

A new image was released of Bond looking most in-Bond like in some kind of industrial setting wearing some form of tactical clothing on his bottom half at least.  Will this be an infiltration of this garden straight off the pages of You Only Live Twice?

A teaser must be imminent so maybe we will find out more shortly.  An announcement of the title song performer will happen in due course.