As little as a month ago it was all looking so clear for Star Trek.  After years of confusion since Star Trek Beyond it seemed, there was finally some movement.

Quentin Tarantino’s Trek was dead.  A much-touted SJ Clarkson prequel was shelved. The Kelvin-verse crew were looking set to return to finally provide something approaching continuity and stability, after showing they made their best effort when a certain director was no longer in the chair and playing poor cover versions of better classics.

Well, this is Star Trek.  So we must never expect anything more than some prick in a suit to manage to screw it up somehow.

Fargo and Legion showrunner Noah Hawley was reported to be pushing onward with this version of Star Trek, playing the cards he had been dealt. Now things are less clear.

In an interview with GoldDerby, actor Simon Pegg says there is no clarity as to the actual approach and nobody has spoken to the cast yet:

“I don’t know anything about it. I think Noah Hawley’s been hired to write something for Star Trek, which is very exciting. He’s a brilliant writer and always creates interesting stuff.

Whether or not we’re involved with that, I don’t know. I don’t think so and I don’t think Noah’s thing is necessarily going to be Star Trek 4.”

What is likely is that the Viacom-CBS merger, which pulled the movie and TV parts of the franchise back under one roof, is complicating thinking.  Suits gonna Suit, so nobody is going to take any risks while they wait for the tap on the shoulder and the trip to HR for “a chat” following a merger.

With Picard premiering on TV in a matter of weeks the entire studio will no doubt be holding its breath waiting for somebody to make a decision easier for them.