Whatcha gonna do!?  Whatcha gonna do when After Earth flops and Gemini Man sinks with out a trace?  You return to a previous hit and you grab on tight and you don’t let go, of course!  It’s why we are getting Top Gun 2, after all!  And now Will Smith is “Doing a Cruise!”

Especially when the third Bad Boys, which just opened, is getting very strong reviews and projecting good box-office.  It contains a mid-credits stinger that directly sets up a sequel and they aren’t hanging around.  Sony needs the hits.

Bad Boys for Life co-writer Chris Bremner has already scored writing duties and they are off and running.

He’s not just working at Sony Pictures either.  He’s also just been locked in to write a third entry in Disney’s National Treasure franchise.

Save Will Smith, and then for an encore rescue Nic Cage from straight-to-DVD hell?  What a guy!

Jerry Bruckheimer is set to produce both.


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