As we all know, everything you read on social media is real, 100% genuine and can be fully trusted. Well, that’s what Sony thought when they saw Morbius trending in memes everywhere.

Moribus has been the butt of many a meme since it came out in cinemas back at the end of March this year. It only turned over $39 million on the opening weekend in the US and about $163 million gross worldwide, it had a budget of $73 million, so not good.

Where’s your face mask mate?

When Sony saw that #MorbiusSweep and #ItsMorbinTime were trending they thought it might be worth re-releasing the movie again as it had some kind of buzz. According to Forbes, it was re-released into 1,037 cinemas across the US. It made, wait for it… $85,000 on the first day.

They think it will make $270,000 over the weekend, so that’s about $270 per cinema! I don’t know the average price of a ticket in the US, but if it is near $10 then that means not a lot of fans going to appreciate the movie again.

Apparently, a super fan streamed the movie for days on Twitch and some people were then screaming for a sequel. The irony was even lost on Jared Leto, who tweeted this.

This was a joke, since no one at Sony thinks there will be a sequel, right? They can’t be that stupid. The entire thought process about Morbius is weird though.

“If they are making memes about the movie, even bad ones, they love it, therefore…a re-release means they will go and see it again!”

Hollywood producers ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of human intelligence.

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