Re-boot King of Battlestar Galactica, creator of For All Mankind, nearly savior of Star Trek: Enterprise and owner of a tremendous mane of hair. Ron Moore is a man in demand. So in demand that he is building an entire televisual universe for Disney+.

Ron Moore

Moore  will develop a Magic Kingdom Universe based on Disney characters from its theme parks and classic library.

The first cab off the rank is The Society of Explorers and Adventurers. This will be set in a world where all the themed lands and characters of the Disney parks and classic library actually exist in another parallel reality.

Now we know why Kingdom Hearts was never allowed to be developed any further.

Our LMO Special Correspondent is already lined up.

Moore will write and executive produce for Disney+ and 20th Television. If that hits the numbers then Maril Davis and Ben McGinnis will build out the Magic Kingdom Universe and oversee the entire franchise with Moore.

Disney Imagineering will be involved and the writers room is already being built.

Moore classes himself as a Disney junkie, so this is a dream come true for him. Moore’s production house, Tall Ship Productions, has an exclusive deal with Disney and is already spinning up a Swiss Family Robinson serial for Disney+ with Jon M. Chu.