Less than a week after director Rolan Emmerich was talking down the state of the movie industry as superheroes dominate the multiplex, he has problems of his own developing, which maybe prove his point. Moonfall is performing disastrously. Weeks after Spider-Man: No Way Home set the box office alight, which itself followed No Time To Die breaking pandemic records, the box office has completely fizzled for his latest offering.


Moonfall opened on Thursday in around 2,300 locations across the U.S. but managed only to pull in $700,000. For a big-budget disaster epic that is derisory. If it ain’t a mega-franchise IP, it just ain’t happening right now. The Kings Man found the same thing out, and Death On The Nile must be looking on nervously.

These are exactly the types of movies where audiences may calculate it is worth holding on for a couple of months and just taking in at home, especially with a cost of living crisis unfolding in the wake of a pandemic.

Even the idiot magnet Jackass Forever managed to take more than double Moonfall with $1.65 million.

Moonfall is currently sitting at around a 42% approval rating on review sites with a weekend projection between $9 and $14 million. On a $146 million budget, this is bad, bad ju-ju. The Rotten Tomatoes summary says:

“Whether Moonfall is so bad it’s good or simply bad will depend on your tolerance for B-movie cheese – but either way, this is an Emmerich disaster thriller through and through.”

Halle Berry, Donald Sutherland, and Patrick Wilson are not enough to drag in the audiences and the director of Independence Day, 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow is looking at a financial dud.

One of the most expensive independent movies ever made is shaping up to cost some people a lot of money. Is this the shape of cinema now, post-COVID? We are so used to staying at home that if it isn’t a massive, must-see movie and an event then we won’t bother?

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