Moon Knight is one of the most anticipated new shows out there among the geek fraternity. After a rocky start for the MCU in TV serial form, Hawkeye really delivered as far as Marvel shows on Disney+ are concerned.

Moon Knight is more adult in nature but at the same time allows some new themes to really come to the fore and open the door to the supernatural in the MCU. Also, as Marvel’s answer to Batman, we want to see some ass being kicked.

Moon Knight

In a Marvel hook-up, lead actor Oscar Isaac was speaking with Jared Leto (Morbius) for Variety. As part of their Actors On Actors series they discussed the upcoming Moon Knight and why Isaac was drawn to it:

“I’d never heard of Moon Knight before, and I collected comics when I was younger. I’d heard of Morbius, but I’d never heard of Moon Knight. I don’t know how the process was for you because it’s a feature film, we’re a limited series.

There was a lot of room to try stuff because there wasn’t the pressure that we got to make sure we make however many hundreds of millions of dollars on the opening weekend.

So we could make it very point-of-view. We could make very weird decisions. At the moment, at least – and I don’t imagine it’s going to go backwards – it feels like that’s where more of the risk is being taken because it can financially.”

In the series, we will follow psychologically troubled Marc Spector. He may have been imbued with special powers by the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. He may also just be incredibly violent and losing his grip on reality.

We will find out when Moon Knight starts on Disney+ on March 30th.

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