Disney+ needs real fan pleaser out of the MCU. WandaVision started promisingly, but consensus seems to be that any risk taking dropped off in the second half of the run.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier was generic, and Loki squandered a great buddy adventure-in-time premise with Owen Wilson’s Mobius in favor of a pedestrian conclusion with Loki mincing around with his gender-swapped self.

There is a lot, therefore, riding on Moon Knight. The comic is a darker tale, with violence.

Debuting in 1975, Marc Spector is a Jewish-American, born in Chicago, Illinois.

As an adult, Spector decides to give up being a Marine to become a mercenary. While on a mission in Egypt, Spector is left for dead after losing a fight to his future nemesis, Raoul Bushman.

He’s found by a group of Egyptians who take him to an ancient temple that houses a statue of the moon god Khonshu. As Spector fights for his life, the god appears to him, offering him a second chance at life, and some incredible abilities. Or is it all in Spector’s head?

Moon Knight is one of Disney+ most anticipated upcoming shows. Deep into production, we have seen Oscar Isaac on set, and fight training to take on the role. What everyone has been asking for is the costume. Well, now it may have been revealed.

A potential leak was put out by MarvelHub on Twitter, and has been picked up by other outlets as the image spreads. Oscar Isaac’s Mark Spector in costume.

So, what do you think? Comics accurate? Genuine, or a clever fake out?

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