If you are a hardcore Marvelite, a casual fan, or even one of those who is still shouting that it ended with Endgame, one of the things you have to admire about the MCU is its world-building. The attention to detail and fun Easter Eggs they drop in make casual fans hit Google, while the hardcore light up their discussion forums. Moon Knight is no different.

Here are some of the ones that people have been noticing so far, now that the third episode has appeared on Disney+.

A QR Bonus

In a bit of that synergy that suits love so much, there is a hidden Marvel Comics giveaway in the show. Throughout the show are a proliferation of QR codes. If you test these out, you will find they lead to various places.

The QR code that appears next to a sarcophagus in the museum workplace of Stephen Grant takes you to Marvel.com where you can read a free comic book. It takes you to issue 32 of Werewolf By Night. This is the first appearance of Moon Knight where he was hired to capture Jack Russell, the werewolf. Werewolf By Night will be the Disney+ Halloween special this year.


The QR code on Grant’s storage unit took users to Marvel.com again for issue 33 of the same comic. There is also rumored to be a QR code out there that takes users to the issue of the Tomb Of Dracula comic where Blade first appeared. Blade is set in the MCU and was teased in Eternals. Will he make a full appearance here as the MCU embraces the supernatural?


A Third Alter Ego?

Steven Grant still doesn’t know who asked his museum colleague on that date, and neither Spector nor Grant remember what happened to the guys who were chased up the cliff, or who replaced Grant’s fish. Are they making way for Jake Lockley to emerge as the third alternate identity? He was a dirty private investigator who would beat up some criminals for information, liked a drink, and loved the ladies. Is he lurking in there too?


Black Panther 2 Links

Bast was referenced in 2018’s Black Panther and T’Challa mentioned Sekhmet in Captain America: Civil War. Hathor appeared as an avatar in the latest episode, and in the comics Hathor (or Hathor-Sekhmet) is a feline appearing sibling of Wakanda’s panther god, Bast. Hathor-Sekhmet became Lion God in Wakanda, and went on to fight Black Panther. Is this teeing up something for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?


Gods Lined Up To Butcher

Alongside Hathor, we also saw Horus, Osiris, Isis, and Tefnut. These all appeared in Marvel comics and even teamed up with Thor way back in 1975 as the cosmic Ennead. Will the Ennead turn up in Thor: Love And Thunder as Gods ready for villain Gorr The God Butcher to… erm… butcher?

Khonshu asked the Gods to:

“Return from the opulence of the Overvoid before you lose this realm.”

The Ennead reside at the Celestial Heliopolis which is known as the Overvoid in the comics, and are inter-dimensional beings interpreted as deities by mankind just like the Asgardians.

Madripoor Still A Hive Of Villainy

Bek references an unsuccessful prior meeting in Madripoor when talking to Spector in the latest episode. Madripoor made its MCU debut courtesy of Falcon And The Winter Soldier. It is a lawless criminal hub and this confirmed Mogart had been there.


Did you spot any other Easter Eggs that we may have missed?

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