If you were wondering why Marvel and Disney weren’t pushing X-Men and Fantastic Four straight into production after the Fox deal completed, then this is why.

Despite three-quarters of the original tier-A roster of the Avengers being dead, retired or drawing their pension post-Endgame they are not looking to swap them out for mutants or genius families.  Instead, Disney is first going to integrate film and TV seamlessly into their Marvel universe going forward.

Loki, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Hawkeye, and The Winter Soldier are all making the jump to Disney+ and to streaming adventures.  Elsewhere they have killed off ABC and Netflix shows to ensure they are the only game in town.

Make no mistake, going forward this is as much a part of Phase 4 as anything you see at the local multiplex.  And they are adding to it.

Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight are all set to debut on Disney+ in 2020.  Two out of three have set their writers.

Rick & Morty writer, Emmy winner and the person behind the Pickle Rick episode, still one of the best things ever done on that show, Jessica Gao is in for She-Hulk.

The Umbrella Academy series developer and creator Jeremy Slater will lead the writing team on Moon Knight.

Moon Knight is a cloaked avenger.  A mercenary left for dead who has been resurrected by an ancient Egyptian moon-god.

She-Hulk is Bruce Banner’s cousin who acquires a more controlled version of the Hulk condition.

There is also a rumour that an Ironheart adaption could be in the pipeline.  That is RiRi Williams and her Iron Man continuation.