Eggy and Yoda had a 2 hour discussion on why modern Star Trek sucks and given the response, we decided to follow up with a 2 and half hour talk.

We finish Picard so you don’t have to! We also discuss the first three episodes of Strange New Worlds. Is it better than what’s came before? Well take a spin and see!

Picard has wrapped up season 2 and final season 3 is on its way, with the all the old Next Gen cast returning to the characters we loved because modern Hollywood can leave nothing un-ruined. Eggy and Yoda go over the rest of the season with a lot of questions and criticisms.

Strange New Worlds might have promise but it’s not there yet. We go into the plusses and minuses of this show.

We hope you enjoy these long form discussions. We do a livestream each Sunday at noon CST, 6pm UK time for whatever new movie or show might be coming out. This week we had more than we knew what to with so join Eggy, Yoda, and NotGeorgeLucas as they discuss Kenobi.

Also if you missed part one, here it is here:


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